Karlovy Vary - Elite Czech Spa with Royal History

You know that brings together Peter I, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mikhail Gorbachev, Gina Lollobrigida, Goethe, Pierre Richard, Leonid Brezhnev and Mozart? All these people with great affection and gratitude remembering and recall famous worldwide Karlovy Vary resort. What earned the Czech city of favor with the great of this world? In Europe, a lot of places where you can lie on the beach, stare at the sights or improve their health. But Karlovy Vary has already for seven centuries was referred as a royal city. Everything was started with a mysterious history. When the Czech king and Roman Emperor Charles IV was hunting, his horse stumbled, threw the stone, and suddenly struck up a geyser. Carl took this as a sign from God, and ordered to establish Karlovy Vary. Czech Spa Karlovy Vary is really unique. There are several specific spa products, analog which you will not find anywhere else in the world. First, it is 12 for extraordinary chemical composition of mineral springs. They are among the most effective mineral waters in the world. The most intense source - Geiser (Thermal Spring) - derived from a depth of 2 km and emits 1500 liters per minute. It is characterized by absolute environmental cleanliness, which, unfortunately, not the absolute majority of surface water. 1912 Karlovy Vary springs are used primarily for drinking water treatment, the value of which, even in an era of medical progress, is growing. In Czech treated more than seven centuries, the last century there were very intense metal-dekspertizy. The result showed that of all the existing natural springs here are precisely the most effective. They are used for the treatment of functional disorders of the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and intestine. Drinking water treatment improves, mainly the quality of the digestive process. This increases the assimilation of essential vitamins, enzymes and minerals. The treatment has good effect on the basic metabolic processes, so is used to treat diabetes, obesity, etc. By the way, thanks to the magical properties of the local mineral water was so enormous, that in the 18 th century it was fashionable to treat the volumes, that is, the patient drank 60 -70 mugs treatment water a day! Now doctors took pity on patients, and only use about a half liters. Behind of drinking water and massage baths, Karlovy Vary Elite Czech Spa is famous by its procedures that prevent and treat diseases of the digestive system and metabolism. A very important procedure - irrigation gum, in which massages the gums, and are used not only to mechanical impact, but also anti-inflammatory properties of the Czech springs. Treatment is carried out daily for 20 minutes over two weeks. The result - the white healthy teeth for life.