Czech Republic Wedding Traditions

Celebrating weddings in Toronto is a multi-cultural event. So by keeping that in mind, there are many different wedding celebrations, because each culture has their own wedding traditions. This article will focus specifically on Czech Republic wedding traditions. So what makes a Czech Republic wedding different from that of a Greek wedding or Italian wedding? For starters, Czech Republic wedding traditions are preserved and they date back several hundreds of years. Of course, some Czech Republic wedding traditions are newer than other traditions and some are old, very old, in any event, that is what makes a Czech Republic wedding tradition unique.

As is with every wedding ceremony, reception and celebration, the focus is the bride and the Czech Republic weddings are no different. Czech Republic brides have to follow the old adage "wearing something new, something old, something borrowed, and something blue." In a Czech wedding ceremony, a bride wears the garter to signify something blue, something that will come in handy as the day wears on. The part about wearing something borrowed stems from wearing a piece from a friend who is already married. The friend does not have to be the same nationality just married a very important trait in the Czech tradition. The last two points, something old, has to come from a family heirloom, possibly jewellery or a veil, all depending and something new is something that the bride wants to symbolize and a new beginning in hers and her husbands life.

As is the case with most marriages, a Czech wedding has most of its traditions take place at the reception. And to get the festivities started at the reception, someone designated within the wedding party breaks a plate to not only signal the beginning of the party, but to introduce the bride and groom and to symbolize happiness. Cute things that take place in a Czech wedding are that the bride and groom share many dining things together, they eat soup together, there is only one spoon only so symbolically, and they are forced into each other together. This symbolizes that they are united and that they have to compromise for the good of the both of them. Another fun tradition is several hours into the party, the friends of the groom kidnap the bride and hide, the groom has to quickly find his bride and if he fails to do so in a certain period of time, the groom has to buy the bride back from his friends, this symbolizes that the groom has to take care of his precious wife forever.

So in conclusion, a Czech Republic wedding in many ways is no different from a Greek wedding or an Italian wedding, however, in so many ways a Czech Republic wedding is so different from a Greek wedding and an Italian wedding, and it is the subtleness of those differences that makes traditional weddings in the most multi-cultural of settings and cities so different and so beautiful!